Chemical Detection

FLIR’s Agentase chemical detection products detect trace levels of chemical hazards (i.e. Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs), Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), etc.) at levels far below what would affect the human body. Known for their accuracy and reliability, FLIR chemical sensors yield very low false alarm rates, giving you results you can count on.

FLIR’s Griffin instruments use next generation mass spectrometry technology to detect, analyze, identify and confirm the presence of explosives, drugs, CWAs, TICs, environmental pollutants, and a wide range of other chemicals in air, liquid, and solid samples. Rugged form factors, unique sampling accessories, and simplified software allow the Griffin products to be deployed in an array of environments, from field-based forensics and environmental monitoring applications to building security and general R&D. The high fidelity, easy to read data arms you with confidence – no matter where the action takes you.

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Agentase C1

Detect trace level chemical hazards on surfaces or interrogate and identify bulk samples pre and post decontamination. Reliable and easy to use, Agentase C1 provides quick and accurate threat characterization in the field.

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Agentase C1

Agentase C2 

Spray directly onto surfaces to reveal the exact location of trace amounts of CWAs. Within 5 minutes, Agentase C2 lets you know when you’ve found an area that has been exposed to chemical contamination or is in need of further decontamination. The spray is offered in 3 applicator sizes based on mission requirements: handheld, backpack, and cart-based.

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Agentase C2  

Griffin G400-Series Mobile GC/MS

The Griffin G400-series of GC/MS products offer lab-quality chemical identification in compact, field-ready packages. Offering simple threat alarms, complete analytical tools for expert users, and a broad range of prepless sampling tools, these high performing systems offer unmatched flexibility and efficiency.

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Agentase C40

Griffin G510 Person-Portable GC/MS

The Griffin G510 person-portable GC/MS is a next-generation chemical detector and identifier for military, civil, and environmental responders. It gives you the ability to analyze solid, liquid, and vapor samples at their origin and is completely self-contained, weighing only 36 pounds. This groundbreaking chemical analysis tool brings versatility and dependability to the site of action.

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Griffin 510