Land Systems

Imaging and radar solutions for every land mission

Extraordinary protection is the ability to detect what others can’t – whether visually through advanced imaging technology; by detecting and tracking intruders through state-of-the-art ground surveillance radar; or detecting the presence of a chemical, biological, nuclear, or explosive threat. It’s the ability to see first, to understand fi rst, to act fi rst – the ability afforded by the unparalleled technical expertise FLIR brings to address the emerging challenges of our time. Over the past 40 years, FLIR has produced and delivered over 100,000 FLIR sensors, and thousands more radars and CBRNE sensors, for customers in more than 75 nations. We understand extraordinary protection, how critical it is to you and to your mission success.

Fixed Surveillance Systems

FLIR combines performance, coverage, and reliability to create the most effective fixed surveillance solutions for border protection,coastal surveillance, vessel traffic monitoring, airport security, and any other land-based mission requiring constant, multispectral vigilance.

Thermal cameras, radars, and a host of other sensors are available for integration to create a truly persistent 360-degree surveillance solution for the detection, assessment, and tracking of multiple targets simultaneously from extreme ranges.



Mobile Surveillance Systems

Representing a new generation of powerful, mobile, and deployable solutions for mobile surveillance applications, FLIR's mobile surveillance solutions combine gyro-stabilized, multi-sensor thermal imaging systems with ground surveillance radar, lasers, and tactical command and control software. These integrated solutions are ruggedized to perform in the most demanding of environments.


Vehicle Vision Systems

With proven technologies for situational awareness and driver's vision enhancement, FLIR provides a one-stop shop to outfit vehicles with reliable EO/IR systems for the harshest environments. FLIR imagers can be mounted virtually anywhere on any vehicle, enabling visual confirmation of the area immediately surrounding the vehicle, which provides the critical advantage to both drivers and observer.



Weapon Sights

A thermal weapon sight isn’t the place to cut corners. We don’t.

FLIR weapon sights give you the image quality you need to detect, recognize, and identify your targets from extreme ranges. Plus, they're engineered to provide the rugged reliability needed by our tip-of-the-spear warfighters.

Combine this with accuracy to 1.0 MOA or less, without requiring bore sighting, intuitive controls designed in cooperation with field operators, and our Shock Mitigation System that lets you use these sights on any weapon platform without damaging the sight, and FLIR becomes the obvious choice.



Man Portable Vision

FLIR's man-portable soldier solutions are lightweight, powerful, and easy to use, making today's warfighter more capable and more agile on the battlefield than ever before. FLIR's Recon series of thermal binoculars and monoculars can combine longer range imaging with enhanced features like hot-swappable batteries, laser rangefinders, a digital magnetic compass, and up to 10x optical zoom for target identification at greater standoff range.



Understanding the nature of a threat is critical to intercepting and defeating it. FLIR's ground surveillance radars let you know where detect and track multiple threat simultaneously at ranges beyond the fence line so security personnel can monitor and control their security zone by intercepting threats before they can complete their mission. With next-generation "track while scan" capabilities in a ruggedized, mil-spec design, FLIR ground surveillance radars are exceptionally fast and have class leading target detection and acquisition performance.