FLIR Outdoor & Tactical Systems

FLIR OTS is dedicated to bringing you the most complete line-up of outdoor and tactical vision products in the world. FLIR and Armasight by FLIR together serve virtually all consumer needs, whether that is a hunter, a backpacker, or a law enforcement officer.



See the world in a whole new light with FLIR’s outdoor thermal imagers. Compact and light weight they’re easy to pack and easy to use, giving you a clear view of what’s around you regardless of how much light is out there. Spot wildlife, keep track of other hikers, and make sure you’re still on that overgrown trail – FLIR imagers make life in the outdoors even better.




The missions may change, but one thing remains the same: your trust in your gear must be absolute. FLIR’s wide range of tactical optics are mission-tested and combat-proven to keep officers safer. Using cutting edge thermal imaging technology that makes images from differences in heat, not light, they give you a clear tactical advantage, day and night.




Whatever you’re looking to do—track big game, stop predators from harming your livestock, or find a member of your hunting party in the woods—FLIR thermal vision will help you get it done. Packing the latest in thermal imaging tech that makes images from heat instead of light, you’ll be able to see more of your surroundings than ever.