Thermal Imaging of Chemicals

FLIR technology allows you to see chemicals that are invisible to the naked eye.


Infrared Cameras for Chemical Imaging Applications

FLIR GF306 Infrared Camera  

FLIR GF306 Infrared Cameras

FLIR GF306 thermal camera detects and visualizes SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride) and 25 other harmful gases quickly from a safe distance and without the need to interrupt your plant's production process.

FLIR GF300 / GF320 Infrared Camera  

FLIR GF300 / GF320 Infrared Cameras

FLIR GF320 thermal camera is a preventative maintenance solution to spot leaks in piping, flanges and connections in petrochemical operations. The thermal camera can rapidly scan large areas and pinpoint leaks in real time.