FLIR Service & Support

Technical Support

The FLIR Customer Support Center portal will help you as a FLIR customer to get the most out of your FLIR products. The portal gives you access to our support team, software and documentation, service contacts, etc.

FLIR Knowledgebase (FAQ)

Search the open FLIR Knowledgebase or ask a question to our support team (requires a simple registration).

Contact Thermal Camera Support

Call us at 1-866-477-3687 - Tech Support: Option 3; Repair & Calibration: Option 4 

The FLIR expert service team provides quality warranty and non-warranty repair. Find your local service representative.

FLIR Service Packages

servicesupport1.jpgSelect the level of service that is appropriate to your business requirements and budget.
FLIR Service Packages


servicesupport2.jpgSecure your camera investment with annual calibration, traceable to NIST standards.
FLIR 14 Point Inspection & Calibration program

Contact Test & Measurement  Support

Call us at 1-866-477-3687 - Tech Support: Option 3; Repair & Calibration: Option 4