Airtec™ Diesel Particulate Monitor

The Airtec monitor is a compact and highly portable real-time elemental carbon monitor designed to determine exposure of workers in underground mines to diesel particulate material (DPM). Airtec uses a real time particle capture and light transmission method to yield elemental carbon values which closely correlate with NIOSH 5040 test results to measure EC and TC levels in underground mines.

Diesel particulates are composed primarily of elemental and organic carbon, and have been found to present a health hazard. DPM levels can be high in workplaces where diesel equipment is used; particularly so in underground mines due to the enclosed workspace.

Airtec is designed to allow the operator and management to take immediate, remedial action to address a problem area within a mine. Levels can also be tracked over time to determine the possibility of long term health hazards and help eliminate the risks associated with over exposure.

Airtec Benefits

  • May be worn on a belt or mounted on a wall or cab
  • Compact, highly portable design (<0.7kg)
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery or direct 110/240V AC power
  • 12 hour continuous operation on one battery