Thermal Imaging Cameras for fire prevention and detection

Many types of material are exothermic without exposure to an external stimulus. Their internal temperature can increase to the point where they begin to burn spontaneously. The resulting fire and intense heat can cause nearby material to ignite. Ultimately an entire warehouse or storage area can be destroyed.

Although warehouses and storage areas are equipped with fire alarms and fire fighting systems these systems only start to operate when there is a fire already. Thermal imaging can help to detect hot spots before a fire occurs so that the necessary measure can be taken.

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Thermal imaging cameras can help to identify many problems before costly and dangerous situations occur.


Thermal imaging cameras for warehouse asset protection

Worldwide, warehouses are stocked with highly valuable goods. Protecting these goods against theft is of the utmost importance. But theft is not the only danger. An even greater danger is fire.

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FLIR thermal imaging cameras help prevent fires in waste incineration plants

Waste management is a key industry in most industrially developed countries throughout the world and is currently undergoing significant modernization and an increase in the use of waste energy. The whole cycle for the storage of waste, through sorting and recycling up to the effective conversion to electricity carries a high risk of fire or self-ignition, causing possible hazard for both personnel and the environment.

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Thermal imaging cameras prevent fires at Korean coal power plant

To avoid the risk of spontaneous combustion in the coal conveyor system at the Dangjin Coal Fired Power Complex (DCFPC) in South Korea the owner of the plant, the Korea East-West Power Company (EWP), has installed a fire warning system based on thermal imaging cameras. By detecting a rise in temperature long before it rises to the point where the coal reaches combustion the thermal imaging cameras help ensure the plant safety and continuity of power production.

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Thermal imaging warning system helps ensure the safety at Transpole

Dwindling fossil fuel reserves and rising fuel prices give plenty of cause to look for other types of fuel. That is why the Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine and transport company Transpole decided to start using natural gas as a fuel. To that end natural gas is stored at the Transpole bus depot in Wattrelos, near the French Belgian border. But natural gas storage can be dangerous, for if a fire breaks out there is a very small but definite risk it might cause a devastating gas explosion.

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Thermal imaging camera keeps fire risk under control in coal pile storage site

Coal storage in large coal piles brings with it the risk of spontaneous fires. As always, prevention is better than cure. A thermal imaging camera from FLIR Systems helps to ensure safety at the Nástup Mines Cooperation in Tusimice, Czech Republic. The system provides a cost-effective solution for continuous, remote monitoring of temperatures in the coal piles.

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Fire prevention and fire detection in solid waste bunkers

Solid waste management is a crucial sector in our consumer society. It is a USD 43- billion- industry and growing as more regions experience positive economic growth and prosperity and consequently produce more household waste.

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Thermal imaging cameras help to prevent fires

Thermal imaging cameras are being used for a wide variety of applications. Thanks to their ability to measure temperatures in a non-contact mode, they can also easily be used for fire prevention. Any industry which has some type of storage area where goods or material is kept is susceptible to self combustion of material.

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FLIR thermal imaging cameras for fire prevention/detection