Thermal imaging cameras for condition monitoring

Condition monitoring is all about identifying problems before failure occurs in order to prevent costly production stops. Typical equipment that is monitored includes high- and low voltage installations, turbines, compressors and other electrical and mechanical equipment.

Sometimes processes need to be monitored because an anomaly can cause dangerous situations. Flares, that often have a flame that is not visible to the naked eye, need to be monitored to see if they are effectively burning the produced gasses. A steel ladle that suddenly breaks open can create dangerous situations.

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Thermal imaging cameras can help to identify many problems before costly and dangerous situations occur.


FLIR arms intelligent power inspection robot with “Hot Eye”

A substation is a power facility for voltage change, acceptance and distribution of electric energy into a traditional power system. During substation operation, usually 95% of the information from inspections comes from visual observation. Although video monitoring is also often used to monitor substations, this technology cannot analyze the operational status of the target equipment, which leaves the possibility for safety issues.

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Compact thermal imaging camera from FLIR continuously monitors packaging quality

Presentation and delivery are critical parts of product quality. Recochem, a Canada-based manufacturer and distributor of chemical products and fluids understands this all too well. That’s why the company is using thermal imaging to continuously monitor the quality of its package sealing.

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Thermal imaging cameras for substation monitoring

Electric power utilities are faced with an aging infrastructure, increasing risk of blackouts and brownouts. A brownout is a drop in voltage in an electrical power supply, so named because it typically causes lights to dim. Utilities also face costly unplanned maintenance and rising costs.

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Thermal imaging cameras protect electrical substation in Stavanger, Norway

In modern society life without electricity is unthinkable. If we are cut off from the grid for an extended period of time this could potentially cost more than just money. With hospitals and other emergency services depending on electricity an extended power failure might cost lives. That is why the Norwegian government and energy companies like Lyse Energy have started enhancing the security at critical points in the electricity network with thermal imaging cameras.

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Mill ladle refractory monitoring

Steel mill ladles have limited lives. As their refractory linings wear or develop breaks due to shock, the outer part of a ladle can be exposed to excessive temperatures. If not caught in time, the result can be ladle disintegration and a molten metal breakout, threatening the lives of workers and destroying equipment.

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Thermal imaging cameras for flare monitoring

Flare stacks are used in many industries to burn off unwanted waste gas byproducts, or flammable gasses released by pressure relief valves during unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment.

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FLIR Thermal imaging cameras determine road conditions in Finland

The roads in Finland comprise 78,141 kilometers of highways, paved roads and gravel roads. It is therefore not surprising that Finnish road inspectors are always looking into new non-destructive testing technologies that can make their job easier and more effective.

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FLIR thermal imaging cameras for condition monitoring