Thermal imaging cameras for automated inspections

For many applications, such as the production of parts and components for the automotive or electronics industry, thermal data are critical. While machine vision can see a production problem, it cannot detect thermal irregularities. Thermal imagery provides much more information to production specialists and decision makers. Indeed, for non-contact precision temperature measurement there is nothing to equal thermal imaging. It adds a new dimension to machine vision and is the perfect solution for applications involving non-contact precision temperature measurement and non-destructive testing.

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Many FLIR Systems customers have discovered that thermal imaging can help them with their machine vision applications.


Compact FLIR thermal imager game changer for condition monitoring

From process manufacturing applications to complex processes in utilities, it is important to guarantee uptime and proper functioning of all machinery. Condition-based maintenance systems help to maximize yield and quality, while decreasing unscheduled outages and maintenance and repair costs. Taiwanese technology integrator ADE Technology Inc. has now developed a compact and affordable condition monitoring solution for these companies, based on FLIR’s AX8 thermal imaging sensor.

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Sensei Solutions relies on FLIR automation cameras for fail-proof condition monitoring

When electric utilities experience a breakdown, there is not only a problem for end consumers who are faced with loss of electricity, but also for the electric utility itself, who will need to bear the cost of component failures, unplanned maintenance and loss of productivity. Fortunately, there are smart ways to prevent costly disasters. Sensei Solutions LLC, a North Carolina based provider of smart grid solutions, relies on a combination of FLIR thermal automation cameras and intelligent software to detect possible failures at an early stage before they result in high economic loss.

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Compact thermal imaging camera from FLIR continuously monitors packaging quality

Presentation and delivery are critical parts of product quality. Recochem, a Canada-based manufacturer and distributor of chemical products and fluids understands this all too well. That’s why the company is using thermal imaging to continuously monitor the quality of its package sealing.

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Software that writes itself: Eigen Innovations uses FLIR infrared -cameras to simplify automation solutions.

Setting up a machine vision system and making all the different parts work smoothly can be hard work. You need to integrate hardware and software and often multiple cameras will be involved. Eigen Innovations, a specialist in real-time monitoring solutions for many industries, has developed a smart hardware module that makes this integration process much easier. And when Eigen installs this module for its customers, the company likes to work exclusively with FLIR cameras.

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High-speed thermal imaging cameras from FLIR monitor raw steel quality for the automotive industry.

In today’s industrialized world the demand for steel, particularly from the automotive industry, has become overwhelming. Although effective methods for the testing of raw steel materials exist, the call for more efficiency, more safety and higher quality never stops. In order to improve on the current methods for non-destructive testing for steel billets, South-African technology specialist H. Rohloff (Pty) Limited has developed the Billet InspectIR, an automated, high-speed system for the in-line inspection of steel billets and tubes. The advanced system fully relies on thermal imaging technology from FLIR to detect surface defects on round and square steel billets.

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‘The next inspector is the customer'

“FLIR has been providing thermal imaging cameras for thermal inspection to the BMW plant in Dingolfing since 1997,” explains Robert Halbritter of FLIR Systems’ sales partner and integrator, TOPA GMbH. For most of the time, BMW has primarily used the cameras for electro-thermography of switch cabinets and rooms. Hot components indicated a problem and were then replaced. This is the still the case today. But now BMW is using FLIR thermal imaging cameras for quality control too.

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100% quality control of resistors with FLIR thermal imaging camera

Cutting down failure rates of electronic components is essential for companies that want to supply a perfect product to their customers. The only way to ensure this is by checking each individual component to provide 100% quality control. This requirement was addressed by Isabellenhütte - a manufacturer of resistance alloys for thermocouples, alloys for extension leads and passive components used in the automotive industry - by using a thermal imaging camera system from FLIR Systems.

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Automatic health check in dairy farms using FLIR thermal imaging cameras

Modern farms increasingly resemble factories in their makeup as they become more and more industrialized. The present day farmer spends less time performing menial tasks and more time behind the computer.

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Thanks to thermal imaging "Erdinger Weissbräu" kegs contain beer!

A FLIR Systems infrared camera watches over the bottling of the world-famous Erdinger wheat beer.

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Thermal imaging cameras in the food industry

In the food industry, it’s essential to carefully control the temperature of perishable goods throughout production, transportation, storage, and sales. Repeated warnings about illnesses due to tainted and improperly cooked foods highlight the need for tighter process control.

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Ford Genk

Automatic quality controls with FLIR A320 ensure that the cars produced at Ford Genk work perfectly. FLIR A-Series thermal imaging cameras: accurate, reliable and maintenance free.

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FLIR Thermal imaging cameras determine road conditions in Finland

The roads in Finland comprise 78,141 kilometers of highways, paved roads and gravel roads. It is therefore not surprising that Finnish road inspectors are always looking into new non-destructive testing technologies that can make their job easier and more effective.

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FLIR thermal imaging cameras for automated inspection